1. Is this Modpack updated for the latest version of KSP?
    • Yes, and it is continually updated whenever there is a pesky new KSP patch!
  2. Will this Modpack work with LunaMultiplayer?
    • NO! With the great expanse of the new tracking station, as well as added hunger and sanity variables. It will become almost impossible to sync the flights. Please don’t even get me started with the black holes…
  3. Do you have developer consent to redistribute these files?
    • The simple answer is no, though Pringle will accredit EVERY developer by linking to all original forum posts.
  4. Where can I report a pesky bug?
    • Right here, take a look at the sample report posted by Pringle. This will ensure your post gets approved by a mod. We do this to let you know when we have seen your post. The post will then remain until the bug has been squashed.

Known-Issues: v.1.05

  • [CRASH] – Duplicating a resized Life-Support tank. Resize for these specific parts disabled until further notice.
  • [KRAKEN] – Zooming extremely far away (like outside of the solar system) will result in sudden engine overheat. This is a known Kopernicus 1.12 bug
  • [ERROR] – Astronaut complex UI messy, this has been addressed with the TRP-Hire mod and will soon be fixed.
  • [ERROR] – Parallax textures clipping with EVE city lights. This can be fixed by opening the EVE menu over kerbin and removing the city lights shader.

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