worry less at server borders.

Added plugins aid data offset to ensure successful border transfers. Item loss is a thing of the past. Oh yeah, and no server blacklisted items!

Full adventure awaits.

We have added ALL powerstone locations, all resources, and even Golden Age portals + Kraken portals. PvE, so no need to worry about sussy pirate fiends Arrrgg! 

Slowly growing!

A recent Server Node Upgrade (Node details coming soon) has allowed us to expand the cluster. This will also increase speeds of many of our other services!

Enjoy the FULL Journey of ATLAS packed into a 3×3 Cluster

Pringle has crammed the full experience of ATLAS into a 3×3 map. Our grid will expand over time, adding custom islands and bosses to conquer! If you have a mod suggestion or an in-game matter that needs to be settled take a look at the ATLAS forums page here. Click below to join the server directly (Steam must be running). 

Server Changelog:

-Added Ship Repair Crew mod
-Re-exported ServerGrid cell images (fixing flashing map, finally!)
-Players should NOT have to refresh map cache, if flashing persists clear this path: (ATLAS\ShooterGame\Saved\NewMapImagesCache\564894895)
-Created Server Banner!
-Added Atlas Architect mod
-Added SPUK - Advanced Structures mod
-Changed Resource spawn table (now includes: pearls, kelp, and all sugar types)
-Changed Tame Overhaul creature sizes (now matching their default scale *no more tiny elephants*)
-Fixed BattleMetrics data
-Fixed Kraken! (now available in its *own sub-atlas)
-Added Tame Overhaul mod (removing temperature requirement for breeding/raising animals)
-Added Item Grinder mod
-Added More Crops mod
-Added eco's RP decor mod
-Refreshed transfer database (dev. notes)
-Added Server to Atlas-Servers
-Added Server to TrackyServer
-Updated BattleMetrics
-Moved cluster to SSD, reducing startups by 90% (whoohoo!)
-Fixed Difficulty settings (Offset: 1 Max Level: 150)
-Fixed Dino clutter (DestroyWildDinos every restart - for new possible spawns)

Server Query & Info

 Server Grid Details

This amazing map was provided by Skarvig! Each section of our map has been crafted around the quest system. QoL mods have been added as well, to help lone explorers. (Spuk Structures, Gravestones, eco’s Décor, even Klinger’s Ships)

Map details, explained by Skarvig himself!

   Skarvig is a known community Atlas developer that provides advanced *unique* Atlas maps for server hosts to enjoy! This 3×3 map is made for PvE with the goal of including all Powerstone Islands, Golden Age portals, as well as trade winds to keep explorers in the breeze. Each grid has a unique biome for players to endure!

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