Complete Galactic experience

Yes that is correct, have a look at some of the beautiful screenshots below for further details! (Astronomically Accurate Atmosphere’s/Terrain Parallax/MORE)

Easy Logistics! 

Due to the my own complications with USI basing system logistics. Snacks + special recycler configs will dramatically reduce headache while planning habitable bases on other worlds! Just convert ore to soil then soil to crops. Yup that’s all folks!

beautifully optimtized

Compiling 70+ mods together can be quite hazardous. This is why Pringle has taken it upon himself to provide completely custom patch configs! Just install with CKAN and that’s it. Wow!

Enjoy the KSP Galactic Adventure we have all waited for! 

     Thanks to the Galaxies Unbound mod we are now able to travel to distant, but close stellar neighbors! You will have to navigate your way through the difficult-to-master technological advancements. Learn new ways of dealing with the problems associated with the new tech. Lead your kerbal colony to the stars!

Pack Installation:

  Pringle has made it his goal to create an installation process that is so easy and simple to understand that a kerbal could even do it! So, follow our guide and you should be making your way to Proxima-Centauri soon enough. No problem! pack

You are able to download the pack files from Google below! 

[KSP-Version: v1.12.4 ]

[File: HeiNet Galaxies Modpack+Patches v.1.15]

[Size: 385mb]

Install CKAN Mod manager

Since the size of the original pack was just too large. Pringle has exported it as a .CKAN file, for easier installation. This ZIP also includes proper patches.

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3.locate ‘gamedata’ folder

The ‘GameData’ folder can be accessed by locating KSP under your Steam library, Right-Click Game Title -> Manage -> Browse Local Files. Finally, drop the GameData folder from the pack zip inside your MAIN KSP directory… Done! Patches installed.


Do not worry about TweakScale warnings! These happen because of the transparent Planetary Base addon. Do NOT resize these parts or face the Kraken!

If your save was broken due to this error, please post on FAQ as Pringle can manually remove effected vessel to fix your lost saves!


v. 1.15 | Date: 29-December-2022
- Updated to work with 1.12.4
- Updated to Parallax 2.0 + more mod compatibility
- Fixed TeakScale warnings
- Fixed Astronaut Complex UI
v. 1.06 | Date: 6-June-2022
- Added Astronomers Visual Pack (STRIPPED - OuterPlanetsMod Scatterer settings only) *no need to worry about performance*
- Added OuterPlanetsVisualOverhaul (Code Patch only - NO scatterer settings)
- Fixed Outerplanets Clouds (finally!)
- Fixed Soil Generation (Soil can now be generated using Ore in an ISRU with various biproducts)
v. 1.01 | Date: 22-April-2022
- Exported as .CKAN file
- Fixed Tarsier Zoom Glitch (reverted to older scatterer build)
- Fixed Recycler configs (More snack recycler configs)

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