Active developers

Our developers are active and available for In-Game assistance at any time. Just stop by the forums and get the help you need!

low latency

With the location of our servers being well, Denver. We can safely provide F2P services all across the US.

Totally Free-to-play 

You can guarantee that this community will stay mostly FREE, though hobbies do sometimes get expensive. Please think about our HeiNet-Premium rank over on Discord to help support us! 

New games every month

We change our LIMITED TIME servers once a month. Members of the Limited-Time Event server receive rewards that carry to Minecraft/Rust/ARK/MORE

About us

Enjoy the best gamemodes On  the fastest free-to-play Network

Join our Ark Cluster now and experience the full Ark story-experience. Allowing players to freely travel with their tamed creatures to ALL of the available maps!

A few services we provide…

 ATTENTION: Smaller community titles such as Raft, Stranded Deep, or even Skyrim Together are limited time events. Please check back monthly for a new game.

*NEW* ARK network cluster

Our ARK Cluster server is ready and deployed! Click below for a detailed list of server settings + Join info!

Atlas Network Cluster

Join our brand new 3×3 Atlas PvE adventure! Includes all powerstones and golden age portals. Summer time, 3x Gold happening now! 

KSP Galactic adventure

Explore more than five REAL stars, a few black holes, even discover alien flora and fauna in this epic new KSP modpack!

minecraft Heinet ultra modpack

A modpack consisting of over 150 well-known Minecraft mods. This modpack was inspired by Attack of the B-Team!

Introducing our Atlas 3×3 seamless Cluster!

Dive into our Atlas 3×3 network and experience the WHOLE story of atlas squished into a 3×3 grid!

Enhanced rates

Our goal is to fast-track the whole experience of atlas into a streamlined 3×3 grid. Reducing boring player micromanagement. 

claim monitered!

Our administrators monitor company claims to ensure server fairness. Although it is a PvE server, claims can still be abused. So don’t hesitate to report mis-use of the claiming system! 

active support

Our forums are always available for in-game issues as well as mod suggestions!

Qol mods

Spuk – Advanced structures, eco’s décor, Klingers Ships, as well as Atlas Architect are all featured within our network!

Join our Discord Server now!

Our community Developers…

OneSaltyPringle, Jake


JillthePILL, Jill

Forum Admin/Community Mod

Latest news from the Devs

This post is for ARK Cluster related issues/respec-requests/ban-appeals. When creating an issue thread be sure to include your steam name (If it differs from your HeiNet username). If it is a rollback error (ex. missing dino/stuck character) users will be compensated!
FAQ: Is this Modpack updated for the latest version of KSP?Yes, and it is continually updated whenever there is a pesky new KSP patch!Will this Modpack work with LunaMultiplayer?NO! With the great expanse of the new tracking station, as well as added hunger and sanity variables. […]
This post is for Modpack related issues/bugs. When creating a crash-report be sure to include a Link to your PasteBin log files. If it is a world corruption error (ie. tile/tick loops) all of the logs will be needed, otherwise the main crash-report log should do […]

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