Fast-trading / Delivery time

Automation of Pringles new trade bot, featuring a switch with cfw (custom firmware) can guarentee creations will be delivered the same day they are ordered.

legit-seeded / Comp ready

Every hexed pokémon is given IVs/EVs to keep them legit and safe to use in competitive. Custom IVs will be coming soon in the next update of HN-pkcreator bot.

pokémon home ready

Each mon is assigned a new trackerID and latest memory wiped to ensure safty when transfering them to Pokémon HOME. If you want custom memories/ badges list them in the OTHER section.

How do I connect to HN-pkcreator bot? 

Link Code:  0101-4895

After entering the link code you must look for the trainer name:  Jake

After a couple tries, once you have found the bot just trade a throwaway pokémon. The bot will automatically receive your trainer name and trade you your created mon.

Create your Pokémon

HeiNet pkHEXCreator- SHUTDOWN

Checking server status ...

beri Chan bot

All Pokémon are seeded and legalized by the beriChan bot. HeiNet is a full supporter of their api.