Fast-trading / Delivery time

Automation of Pringles new trade bot, featuring a switch with cfw (custom firmware) can guarentee creations will be delivered the same day they are ordered.

legit-seeded / Comp ready

Every hexed pokémon is given IVs/EVs to keep them legit and safe to use in competitive. Custom IVs will be coming soon in the next update of HN-pkcreator bot.

pokémon home ready

Each mon is assigned a new trackerID and latest memory wiped to ensure safty when transfering them to Pokémon HOME. If you want custom memories/ badges list them in the OTHER section.

How do I connect to HN-pkcreator bot? 

Link Code:  0101-4895

After entering the link code you must look for the trainer name:  Jake

After a couple tries, once you have found the bot just trade a throwaway pokémon. The bot will automatically receive your trainer name and trade you your created mon.

Create your Pokémon

beri Chan bot

All Pokémon are seeded and legalized by the beriChan bot. HeiNet is a full supporter of their api.