over 200+ custom enchantments

We’ve added over 200 custom enchantments, speak to Merlin to learn more!

Custom npcs with interesting lore and storefronts!

Look around the spawn areas of the various gamemode servers and learn the lore and stories of each and every one. 

open beta

Please join our Discord for server updates and active live support. Our Minecraft service is still under Open-Beta.

HeiNetMC Network Minecraft server
HeiNetMC Network - UPDATING...

Checking server status ...

We are pleased to announce our custom survival plugin!

Claim up to 50 chunks of land for FREE, or combine your chunks with a friend and create one massive settlement. HeiNet-Premium members receive unlimited chunk claims at a slightly increased cost!

Member system

Let your friends aid your PVE playthrough with the custom member system.

Settlement titles/descriptions

People will be notified when they enter their own or an enemy settlement with a title. 


A Live-Map of all claimed/developing settlements! Click below.

Settlement vault

Share, transfer, or give your friends in-game currency with the SettlementVault System

Join our Discord for development updates!