All epoch vehicles now spawn

Yup, every single Epoch vehicle including military will now spawn along side all vanilla.

AI | Airdrops | Events

WickedAI has provided our server with epic AI missions. As well as airdrops, crashes, even a hemp trade!

Pro-snap (custom building plugin)

Yes we have a custom snapping pluggin enabled on our mission file. Leaving stressful lego-style building in the past!

Daily restarts

We make sure to restart our service every 24 hours, performing a save and flash-backup.

So, how do I get started?

Install Process:

1) Install Arma 2 + Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead

2) Run both titles at least once to create documents/appdata

3) Download and install:

4) Head over to the Mods tab and install Dayz Epoch (Epoch only, no need for DayzMod). 

**Note if the download is too slow click button below for raw epoch files and extract @Dayz_Epoch to 🠮 C:/Users/USER/Documents/mods**

5) Finally search for HeiNet in the server browsers home and your good to go (if you installed the mod the alt way please restart your launcher and go back to Mods and verify mod data before server entry)

See you In-Game!